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why Purple Blue sucks so badly

Finally got Purple Blue and with the exception of a couple songs it sucks 
real bad, WAY wourse than Forever Again and doesn't even come close to 
the excellence of Love Tara.  No I am not going to attribute it to Bob 
Weston being at the helm although that might be a factor, but Rick just 
isn't wrting the same caliber of songs anymore, Forever Again is one of 
my favorite songs and there is nothing that even comes close.  Chris has 
started to mature as a song writer and has really started to steal the 
spotlight from Rick, matter of fact had I received the Moosokcet Sub Pop 
7" before the end of 95 I would have placed it in a tie with best east 
coast ep for the yea well ahead of ETH's Forward to Snow.  There is only 
one song that really grabbed me and pulled me in and that is Soon Coming 
CLoser, the first time I heard Forever Again there were several songs 
that grabbed me.  Basically I am going to go WAY out on a limb and list 
Purple Blue as the biggest disaapointment of 96, yeh you heard right two 
weeks into the year and ...

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