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Re: Andrew a Superchunk fan?

On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Alex Bozikovic wrote:

> hey all..
> but, more relevantly: the song "Like A Fool" , from _Foolish_ , has a long
> guitar-noise jam at the end of it which happens to sound a *lot* like the end
> of "Before I Do".  the progression is a bit different, but it's pretty close,
> and the tones are identical.

"before i do" is pretty cool if you listen closely.  it's kida complex - 
whereas the superchunk song really isn't vrey hard to get your head 

dig this:
	-guitar 1 plays part 1 while guitar 2 plays part 2 while bass 
	plays part 3.
	-guitar 1 plays part 2 while guitar 2 plays part 3 whilebass plays 
	part 1. 
	-guitar 1 plays part 3 while guitar 2 plays part 1  while bass 
	plays part 2

kinda conceptual.