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Re: Just one minute, here....

I think the moan behind the beats is Stinkin' Rich
who as we speak is, with sampler in hand, heading to the Island of PE to 
lay down an albums worth of beats and rhyms.

just in case y'all have not heard the ECMAs have lots of Hip Hop on the 
schedual this year
SIXTOO/Felexman/Jo RUN/RuffNECK/Rich/and the kings of the east HCG
so 'cmon down

On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Boost Ventilator wrote:

> > The undisputed king of style is Jon Spencer, with his queen 
> > Cristina:  by far the hottest duo ever to take the stage.
> Amen. What else would you expect from
> a fella whose father was Sister-Ray?
> On the other hand...you have different fingers.
> I was just wondering if HIPCLUBGROOVE were responsible for the break-
> beats (and various other hip-hop yelps) that are used on STREET 
> CENTS between segments...the only basis I have for this shot-in-the-
> dark is the fact that the cast of the show was in their 'Shootin' the 
> Gift' viddy. I suppose I could watch the credits of the show or 
> something, but ya know how it is...
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