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Re: Sloan licks Twice Removed

>  Sorry to be so superficial, but it 
> really pisses me off when bands look like shit. I couldn't listen to 
> Husker Du for years just cause they were so fat and ugly (though Greg 
> Norton's Village People cop style does earn them some points. Ironically, 
> he's the only straight guy in the band!).

That's funny, I don't really like bands that dress up. Better they
spend their time writing songs and learning to get more noise out of
their instruments than reading 'Details' and spending hours at Styling
Salon. That's one of the reasons why Husker Du records still sound
wayfuckingcool 10 years late while ABC or Cultur Club just sound kinda

So where do Sloan fit into this? Every time I've seen them they've been
pretty casual looking. At best.

In fact, I thought the whole Halifax thang was pretty casual. If I
could use an Americanism, I always thought it was very "Midwestern" in
that respect. Which is cool.


p.s. The Replacements, one of the all-time fave bands, did dress up.
They were known to play in Gas Station Attendant Uniforms, nasty
plaids, and Tom Petty's wife's dresses.