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Andrew a Superchunk fan?

hey all..

I've been listening, for the first time ever, to a lot of Superchunk lately,
and I've noticed a few interesting things. 
first of all, treblecharger blatantly ripped off a guitar lick from a Chunk
song into one of their older songs.
("The Question Is How Fast", from _On The Mouth_ , to  "Trinity Bellwoods" .
also their arrangements sound very similar a lot of the time.

but, more relevantly: the song "Like A Fool" , from _Foolish_ , has a long
guitar-noise jam at the end of it which happens to sound a *lot* like the end
of "Before I Do".  the progression is a bit different, but it's pretty close,
and the tones are identical.
does anyone know how much Andrew Scott likes Superchunk?

has anyone else noticed this? 
or am I just imagining Sloan in everything I hear? ;)

a l e x