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Re: Sloan licks Twice Removed

> > 
> > Anyway, I was just wondering if anybody ever noticed the oh-so similar 
> > beginings of '1,000,000' by R.E.M (off their CHRONIC TOWN EP/DEAD 
> > LETTER OFFICE CD) and 'PENPALS' by none other than SLOAN? This is not 

The Penpals riff also sounds a lot like "I'm Different Now" by the Jam, 
unintentionally I'm sure. If you haven't heard The Jam, or forgot how 
good they were like me, check 'em out. They sound great... and pretty 
current with all this Brit Pop business going on. My only problem with 
the Jam is that they have this totally cool mod style happening, their 
suits are cool, their shoes are cool, etc. and the bass player Bruce 
Foxton (I think) has the worst hockey haircut mullet you've ever seen. 
Imagine like the Small Faces or some dope looking 60s mod band with 
Wendell Clarke on bass. It wrecks it. Sorry to be so superficial, but it 
really pisses me off when bands look like shit. I couldn't listen to 
Husker Du for years just cause they were so fat and ugly (though Greg 
Norton's Village People cop style does earn them some points. Ironically, 
he's the only straight guy in the band!). Hopefully this grunge thing is 
giving way to some more styling rockers...anyway...I shouldn't talk, 
since I can't style my way out of a paper bag. But when I pay good money 
to see a band, I expect to see some cool shoes and good haircuts, damn it.
					Superficially yours,
					as always,