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Sloan licks Twice Removed

> Yesterday I wrote down that Sloan did not like Twice Removed as 
> much as Smeared...
> ...I read it wrong the first time, it said in the article that DGC 
> didn't like it as much as Smeared...
> ... it wasn't the end of the world.

Ya know something...I think it might be the end of the world.  Didn't 
Mr. Nostradamus (sp?) say that we only have until April '96? It is 
irresposible behaviour like this that may push the apocalysp forward 
a few weeks...he said jokingly.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anybody ever noticed the oh-so similar 
beginings of '1,000,000' by R.E.M (off their CHRONIC TOWN EP/DEAD 
LETTER OFFICE CD) and 'PENPALS' by none other than SLOAN? This is not 
some sort of slaggin' thing whereby I am begging to be flamed by 
everyone and their virtual opinions, because I think 'PENPALS' is a 
much better tune. If y'all already flogged this one like the 
perverbial dead horse it may be, I apologize. No harm intended.

 - Iain Kenneth MacLeod -        " Take a wrinkled raisin and do with 
  -  imacleod\!/upei.ca  -                it what you will. " - WEEN