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Re: Sloan Tabs

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From: Nishitoba, Carol
To:  'sloan'
Subject:  Re: Sloan Tabs
Date: 1996-01-16 14:37
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hello from the nation's capital! :)

ryan  wrote:
>}          >"Your the sizzleteen............it's not up to me now, la la"
>}I thought it was "your still six/fif-teen......it's time to leave 

andrew wrote back:
>Ooh, Carol's gonna have a word or two to say about that one, I bet!

well, if you insist.. ;)  just for the record, i'm not six/fit-teen, but a 
sizzle teen in the last month of her teens, contemplating whether or not to 
change the name to sizzle 'queen' [<-- that suggestion courtesy of the 
listmanger himself!], but will probably stay as sizzle teen... and of 
sloan's new album, i do dream...

in other news..

 - when i spoke to julie last year, she said that the broken girl album will 
be on cd from sappy/sub pop, and on vinyl from sappy/cinnamon toast.

 - local rabbits full-length (guess the title!! i know it! :) teehee :) ) 
will be coming out march 20/21

 - i never knew what fuselage meant (this is in reference to the sfz 
"undertow"), but now i know and see that word every single [work] day....

                    ...sizzle teen