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Re: spaced odd ditties 7"

At 04:29 PM 15/01/96 -0500, Bryce Colenbrander wrote:

> im sorta backwards in comparison to most of the others here.  i have the
>CD, but not the 7inches or tape.  but what is everything from?
>1. in a void
>2. warren's guitar
>3. she turned me
>4. sweaty hand
>5. drugged up love
>6. comfort in
>7. sleep tonight
>8. bolder
>9. fuzzy inside
>10. highde
>11. swing
>12. triangles
>13. feeling around
>14. another head
>15. what if the sun blew up
>16. the secret she had to keep
>17. head begins to real
>18. comin' home
>19. alone & annoyed
>20. eye in the sky
>i hope that this clears up confusion, and i might find out if im missing
>something essential..

Yes, you're missing some stuff.  Feeling around is on the Ratfish 7inch, but
there's 7 more songs on it that aren't on the cd.  The Socket To Me Tape has
the first 12 songs, and you're missing Spaced Odd Ditties, and the Sub Pop
7inch.  Get the Sub Pop 7inch, it's great!  The first moonsocket tape is out
of Print.

Is the CD you have on Derivative? Is it called Socket To Me?  Is it still
available?  Thanks for any help!

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