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Sat. Birdland review

It's really too bad Eric's Trip didn't make again.  I was looking
forward to hearing the new record live, even though it's not much
of a stretch from the record itself.  Chinstraps and Rebecca West 
just do not cut it anymore. Its medi-o-core at best. Does anybody
know if they have some sort of houseband arrangement or something?
It seems whenever I'm in town they're playing. I feel sorry for that 
guy from Wolfville....There's already a band called "chinstrap".
.....oh well, if it wasn't for the vast selection of shooters and 
great B.C. bud, the evening could have been a complete waste
of time. It's too bad I'm going to miss the inbreds and scarce. 
Actually does anybody know of any good shows next weekend in Winnipeg?