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some stuff

#1 - for sloan tab, write to yan.  he wrote the book, as they say.

#2 - len (for the third or fourth time) are from toronto. marc lived here 
for a year, they recorded a bit of their "superstar" lp here.  why much 
east insists on playing their videos every week (as opposed to all of 
those other high quality buzz clips they could be flogging) is beyond me.

#3 - for sloan lyrics write to deryl from pei.  he's a cockney motherfucker.

#4 - andrew plays drums on the new recordings, whether or not the band is 
actually planning on releasing this stuff has yet to be actually 
announced (any of you people ever hear the word "demo" before?).  

#5 - maybe sloan net needs a FAQ and an FTP site.  well duh...

#6 - i hope waye was kidding about that "shaken by the speed" thing.  for 
those of you who didn't get the joke the first time around: shaken by the 
speed = rattled by the rush.  hahahahaha.

#7 - uncle owen is about chris' uncle owen.  that's it.  

#8 - gordon isnor is out of hiding.  be afraid.  be very afraid.

#9 - hardship post changed their name to the mike pick band, then to the 
new hardship post, and are now apparantly being billed as alyson macleod 
and the sunbeams.  yoinks!

gonzo white shitkicker #1

"i'll beat these nuts up your ass!"