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Re: Sappy Stuff

At 04:32 PM 11/01/96 -0600, Cory J. Boehm wrote:
>The Broken Gril/Moonsocket split is on Eek Records  not sure if it is out.
>Eek is at 26 Adams St.
>Charlsetown, Mass 02129

What have you heard about this release?  One song each or what?

>I heard there is a SNailhouse full lenght out could someone tell me how 
>to get it?  Thanks.

I replied to this already, but I think that our system was screwed and it
didn't get sent.

        Snailhouse - Fine (cd)
        14 songs and 40 minutes
        Lunamoth Records
        319 Cortleigh Bl.
        Toronto Ontario
        M5N 1R2

        It's 12$ postage paid.  It's also a great release, although the two
songs on the Sappy 7inch are probably better than most of these, the cd is
still very much worth the purchase.  Everyone should get it! 


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