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On Mon, 15 Jan 1996, Matt Hennessey wrote:

>         And finally I just saw the Len video for Candy Pop for the 
> first time.  Pretty cool video and the song is really great.  Are 
> they from the Maritimes?  The only reason I ask is because if I am 
> not mistaken Hip CLub Groove were in the vid wid em'.
>         That is all the questions I have for today, I welcome anyone 
> to answer them.
>         Matt 
	Well I've made the mistake of saying that Len were from 
Halifax(and got some nasty responses back) but now I've been told by 
people on the list that they are from Toronto(or somewhere in ONtario) 
and they went to Halifax for awhile(I'm not sure where they are based in 
at the moment). Oh yes ... I like that song also.

Mike (who's got to get a new pair of Puma's soon)