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Re: Sloan info

Matt Hennessey wrote:

>         Can anyone explain the whole story behind the breakup.  I 
> knew that Sloan themselves didn't like the Twice Removed cd as much 
> as they wanted to but I did not realize there was a conspiracy of 
> sorts going on in DGC USA headquarters.

Hmm, I though that they _liked_ that record.. I for one can't see them 
_not_ liking it.. yeah they definately liked 2X. As for DGC, yeah there 
was/is a conspericy going on.. it's all about _distribution of control_ 
they want to own the world, hey.

>         Is this why Coax Me and People of the Sky seemed like "cheap" 
> videos?

Hmm, maybe they were shot on SUPER8 film, and that's why they look so 
cheap.. why don't you ask that NSTAR\!/ibm.com guy, he seems to know 
everything about SUPER8 film, hey?.. Or maybe it's just part of the 
conspiericy?.. I dunno.. 

>         And finally I just saw the Len video for Candy Pop for the 
> first time.  Pretty cool video and the song is really great. Are 
> they from the Maritimes?  The only reason I ask is because if I am 
> not mistaken Hip CLub Groove were in the vid wid em'.

Kinda gives you a toothache, eh?.. eh?.. They may as well be from here 
judging by the air they get on MunchEast.. the song is _ok_, for a bunch 
of upper central canadian bozaks.. Nope, thats the Wu-Tang Clan in their 
video, they told me so themselves.. hey. 

Bite my crank,