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Re: Sloan info

On Mon, 15 Jan 1996, rwhite wrote:

>  1)  Is Sloan broken up or are they still together recording stuff?

They are currently recording their new album..

>  2)  Are they going to put anything out in the near future?

No one has any clue when the next album is going to come out. :)

>  3)  Why did they leave DGC?

DGC had problems with _Twice Removed_ and refused to release any videos 
and singles in USA... so, they decided to call it quits after finishing 
their 2 album deal.

>  4)  Does anyone know where I can get lyrics and/or tab?

Lyrics for all of their songs have been posted hear at one time.. I'm 
sure someone wouldn't mind posting them again... 

As for Tab... there seems to be very little available. :(