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Sloan info

Before I ask what is going to probably sound like a really really dumb question, let me explain myself:
I live in Leamington, Ontario, Canada, which is probably the worst place on
earth to be a Sloan fan.  People who live here are dance music fanatics and
are very close-minded when it comes to other types of music.
I have asked these questions to the few Sloan fans that I do know, but these
people are jerks and won't give me any straight answers.
Okay here it goes:
 1)  Is Sloan broken up or are they still together recording stuff?
 2)  Are they going to put anything out in the near future?
 3)  Why did they leave DGC?
 4)  Does anyone know where I can get lyrics and/or tab?

I ask anyone who can help me to reply because these questions have been bothering me since Lancerfest.