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Re: jale/superfriendz limited edition 7inch split single

On Sun, 14 Jan 1996, Hank Bos wrote:

> I just heard a split 7inch from Jale and the Superfriendz on the radio.  The
> DJ said that there was a thousand copies and the songs were something like:
> Jale - Front and Doe? and Superfriendz - One Day the Warmer? (I think, I
> couldn't hear what the dJ said!)
> He said it was on Murderecords.  Is this new or something? I've never seen
> it in the Murder catalogue.  

that's the elusive "edgefest" 7".  

jale plays "frightened of" by leonard conan
sfz play "one day the warner" by al tuck
thrush hermit play "west island rockers" by local rabbits
stinkin' rich plays "by design" by stinkin' rich

no comment as to their musical stylin's. 


>                                                 Adrian