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Re: Laying Blame

On Sun, 14 Jan 1996, Kevin T. Kedzierski wrote:

> Was the Song 'Laying Blame' by Sloan ever out in any sort of circulation?
> P.S.----Anyone know when 'DGC Rarities Vol. 2 is due???? The original date
> was late September.
> Brian
Hello. Laying Blame was put out in the u.k. as a bonus track for the i am 
the cancer single. also included on this were the album ver. of two 
seater and rag doll ( previously unreleased). The same unreleased tracks 
were also available on a u.s. radio promo for Take It In.
I was lucky enough to get the iatc single yesterday.

As for DGC Rarities 2, i'm almost sure it's out already.

--------Thank you.
I heard that the radio promo passed through WBNY (buff state radio) but was
never entered into rotation. I know the dj that swiped it off the desk when
it wasn't going to enter the station. Suck up time.