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Re: Sappy Stuff

On Fri, 12 Jan 1996, Cory J. Boehm wrote:

> Tara Lee Wittchen writes:
> > 
> > On Fri, 12 Jan 1996, Cory J. Boehm wrote:
> > > canda or is it going to be like the tours most halifax bands have been 
> > > doing lately - head as far east as toronto and back home.

> ok but how about bands that are near your home and could easily have 
> scheduled a tour stop there or bands that are on a multi-band bill that 
> only don't play your homestown.  Both of those happened at least a couple 
> times year and no doubt will happen again this year.  I mean not playing 
> someplace becuase your tour goes no hwere near there is one thing but to 
> acutally make a stop in a city while touring and not play on the bill 
> your are touring with well that is just plain rude and ignortant.

Oh boy.  I don't know why I am responding to this, since I know the 
outcome is going to be yet another series of postings of your irrational 
ranting and raving, in reply to posts from people who very rationally try 
to point out inconsistencies and inaccuracies in your post.  I guess it's 
because I am afraid that you are going to turn into a bitter old man, and 
I don't want that to happen.  You know, years from now, when you are the 
head of a Canadian Record Distribution and Touring company that gets all 
records in all stores on all street dates and gets all the bands to play 
free all ages shows in Winnipeg, and I am out of a job because of my 
efforts to keep records out of stores and bands out of Winnipeg, we'll 
look back on this and laugh.  

First, I'd like to point out that Minneapolis is NOT near Winnipeg.  It 
is an eight hour drive, with a border crossing, which, when you are 
trying to make a 6:00 soundcheck (earlier if it's an all ages show) means 
an overnight drive or a 6:00 am wakeup call (after a show).  That's eight 
hours for driving , 2 hours for the border, 2 hours for wakeups,getting 
ready and breakfast.  In addition, crossing the border costs two hundred 
non-refundable dollars.  

Second, I distinctly remember being in Winnipeg this past July, with Six 
Finger Satellite, Zumpano and Hardship Post.  Where were you? Zumpano 
dedicated a song to you.  The squeakiest wheel gets all the attention.  
jale has 
also been there recently, as has Eric's Trip.  In fact Eric's Trip and 
Hardship Post have played in Winnipeg more often than they have played in 
any US city. 

Third, there are bands on our roster who have been refused entry into 
Canada, and because of the nastiness they went through at the border, 
they will not attempt to cross again.  This is not my fault, or the 
label's fault, or the band's fault.  It took me four hours to cross the 
border at Windsor Ontario with 6FS a few weeks ago, and that band has a 
Canadian file as long as my arms, as they've played close to 1000 shows 
in Canada.  

Fourth, I have absolutely no control over what Sebadoh does.  No matter 
what you believe, no one has ever advised them to stay out of Winnipeg.
The truth of the matter is, touring time is precious.  No one wants to be 
on the road forever.  Playing Winnipeg is a two day commitment on a US 
tour, because you have to take a day off on one side of it, due to the 
distance between it and any other playable city.  Sometimes, it's just 
not worth it.  

And last, to say that not playing on a bill that you're touring with in 
a particular city is rude and ignorant, just proves YOUR ignorance.  Do 
you really think that a band would take a day off if given the choice 
between playing and not playing?  Do you know that days off cost money.  
You still have to pay for hotels (if your lucky enough to have them), per 
diems so people can eat, crew salaries, rents back home etc.  Your 
expenses are exactly the same, whether you play or not.  Might as well 
play and make a little money, huh?  Things like the situation you 
describe generally happen for a really good reason.  Like the promoter or 
the headlning band won't LET you play.  Something you have no control 

And just so I don't have to hear your nonsense later, the Broken Girl 
record will probably not be out in Febraury, because a defect was found 
in the master tape when it was at the mastering plant.  Therefore, it 
hasn't been mastered.  It's not my fault.