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Re: couple o things

> > is anyone going to post a review of the state champs/ tim robbins show ?
> > just a wondering ...
> well, the show started off with a solo performance by our own jim "the 
> pooper" (i don't know where this came from;) cooper. 
Actually the opening act was *that guy* ;)

> then there was, well, the tim robbins experience. i don't think it was 
> actually as good as the show i once saw at the khyber....they seemed more 
> rehearsed this time, and i didn't like that so much. some of thier songs 
> like "countdown to the grammys" and "6 figure satallite" weren't quite as 
	                                        salary     , i think
> funny reworked. mind you, "the pros and cons of living on the edge" and 
> "ixnay on the ezpray" were quite good! it *was* a good show, but 
> honestly, not as rough-edged as i'd hoped it would be.
I really liked their set.  ian can vocalize like no one else, rock scat 
bellowing at it's best.  i remember the show they did at the khyber being 
a bit more over the top, but i didn't think any less of thursday's show.  
The improved sound system could be the difference, i can actually hear 
most of what they're doing. 
> next up were sloan net's own state "chumps"...oops..."champs";) they put 
> on a really good show....i wonder if they think so, seeing as some past 
> shows haven't gone quite so well. it was a tight set...and it was nice to 
> see a few older songs played like "gaited dancer", and i still think my 
> favorite was "the stately elms". my question is though, is jon playing 
> bass only now?
The Champs played such a great set.  They started off with a Motes song, 
woo!(can't remember the title) Hey mark, what are the titles to 
those new songs you played? they were *so* good.  They played the tightest, 
most rocking set ever.  If jon is playing bass full time now, and the 
we're going to get great shows like thursday's from it, then i'm all for 
it.(tho i wouldn't necessarily correlate(sp?) the two.)  They've really 
got their sound down now, i think.  It could be that they don't have to 
work so much now on how they sound, and can concentrate more on the 
performance of the songs(does this make sense?), seems that every new song 
they bring out, is better than the last.   
anyway, go champs!