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Re: Sappy Stuff

On Fri, 12 Jan 1996, Cory J. Boehm wrote:

> I know htere are other times WInnipeg has been slightly recently like the 
> Jale date last fall that got canned not becuase things couldn't be set up 
> in WInnipeg but of course we get screwed over so they could tour the US.  
> That is typical of what happened though.
	Did jale not play Winnipeg with the SuperFriendz and the Inbreds 
last August ? I remember that show being really awesome. All 
ages/licenced, packed room very cool. 

	I totally understand what Cory is saying but these kind of 
problems extend way farther than the band 'not wanting to play Winnipeg'. 
>From my experience Winnipeg is a great place to play (SFz played twice on 
their last tour) and that guy Dave McKeigan (sp?) at the Pyramid is a 
great promoter but it is hard to get alot of people out on a weekday so 
maybe it is more viable to go through the states. As far as I'm 
concerned, Sask. is a wasteland, it is really hard to set up shows 
aside from Amigo's in Saskatoon. I have found it virtually impossible to 
get anything in Regina and that show on the jale tour wan't that well 
attended. This is not the promoters fault, they did an excellent job, it 
is just that there isn't that big a scene there, not really much you can 

	My suggestion would be to start setting up your own shows, find a 
room of some sort, get a p.a., poster like hell and get the bands in 
yourself. I couldn't imagine that you'll have sell-out shows or anything 
but once word gets out that your an honest guy, put on well organized 
shows and promote them well, people will start calling you for dates. 
Look at the guys in Cornwall they are doing just that and fun was had by 
all at the jale/Sfz show. It is never much money for either party but it 
is nice to play to kids that are really into seeing you.


ps. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my Sask. comments, I'm simply 
mean that there are not alot of people that like this kind of music 
compared to a bigger city which would have more interest purly because of 
it's size.