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anyone who is interested in some blues, _the mark green blues band_ is 
having a post-cd-release show on saturday night(jan. 13) at "the loft" to 
show off his wares.  performing with mark green and co. are hermits _the 
liz band_, punk rock scene veterans _john kenneth wilkes blues band_ 
and industrial forerunners _draize eye test_(back from a collaboration album 
with _throbbing gristle_).
for indie credibility, steve hussey(from liz band) may play with mgbb(he 
did on the album).  a fun night(for 19+ers) and all for the low, low 
price of 5$(probably).


p.s. too bad none of the many talented NF bands were picked for the 
ECMAs, guess they had to get their halifax pop quota in.

p.p.s. heard the _trike_ e.p.  did it ever suck.  oh well...


the green family said:

> In my humble opinion, silverchair are a band who write decent METAL (not

silverchair are a "bad" grunge band.  they aren't good enough to be metal.