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Re: kim and the amps

>strange, but when i think of it, everything i like is because it is 
>popular or alternative. i like pop and alt music. don't you too?
>east coast music is all about pop & alt isn't it? Labels are cool. 

        I must say that here on PEI east caost music sure isn't popular and
I get flak every single day for what music I listen to.  and it is hardly
"alternative in the mainstream's sense of the word.  what is now considered
alternative is bands like silverchair, who are certainly not alternative
because that is the kind of music which is prevailently popular.  One
dictionary definition of alternative is "the remaining choice", so wouldn't
that mean "alternative" is what is not in the mainstream, aka Sloan?

>> ps  play some sloan for your brother, could set him straight, but  it hasn't
>> worked with my brother but atleast he should know what music made by
>> people with talent sounds like.
>my brother likes sloan. i was joking. he likes silverchair too.

that's great for him, at least all the music he likes doesn't suck

BTW, sorry for treating you so harshly earlier, I feel like a flamer :(

Rant rant rant,

ps Jeremy Harris Clark, silverchair definitely aren't grunge music, for two
   1.  Their music is complicated enough that shitty guitar players like me
can't handle        it.  Real grunge music like Nirvana's "Bleach" is
extrememly easy to play.
   2.  They use almost no distorsion, the muddy, distorted guitar sound is
what        characterizes "grunge" music
   Yes, they give metal a bad name, but if every type of music has to be
classified that    is what I would consider silverchair.  Black Sabbath is
real metal :)