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Re: question for maritimers

Well, in regards to the Pop Explosion, is there even going to be one next 
year?.. If you are lucky there will be, it's great for out of towners 
cause you'll see a couple locals and an out-of-town act in one show.. 
Plus there are a trillion showcases PLUS the No-Cases, so it's worth the 
trip. All the rock you can hanlde and then some.

In regards to the "scene" here there are more bands besides Sloan or 
Jale.. They were big news a few years ago but, things have changed quite 
a bit since then.. there are people like Les Motes, The Chinstraps, State 
Champs, Preppy Relatives (r.i.p.), Sanisoft, etc. who are virtually 
unheard of outside the region, it's a well waiting to be tapped in my 

And, to avoid making another post today, I was wondering about peoples 
opinions on The Tim Robbins Experience.. I like them better than Thrush 
Hermit.. I'm sorry, but I just find their music more entertaining.. Last 
night they rocked (oops ..RAWKED) in a Shellac sort of way.. So you can 
sue me, they are just better, I say that TH should be a TRE side-project.
Oh, Champs were great last night, good work.. Jim Pooper played (even 
though his band didn't show up, what a trooper).

Lady's Love,