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realtime jan 13th. (fwd)

4) There is already a realtime list on the internet. 

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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 09:52:09 -0800
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Subject: realtime jan 13th.

Remember:  RealTime goes LIVE on the net
starting this week!


And here are some of the things you'll find on the show
this week.....

if you're a happy mutant and you know it...

at this point in your life you probably know whether you
qualify as "happy" or "unhappy"...but do you ever wonder if
you qualify as a happy mutant?

the answer lies in a book called (what else) the happy
mutant handbook.  it's written by a bunch of counterculture
connoiseurs who come from the world of  publications like
wired and bOING bOING, and gives you all the information you
need to mess with the establishment for fun and absolutely
no profit.  (eg how to beat telemarketers at their own game,
how to start your own radio station with $15 and some of
dad's tools)

two of the happy mutant handbook's editors -- mark
frauenfelder and carla sinclair -- will have their
trajectories cross with realtime's this Saturday night.

and of course if you have any experience from the world of
the do-it-yourself-just-for-the-heck-of-it ethic (`zine
publishing, indie recording, pirate radio, billboard
liberation) we'd love to hear from you.

you can e-mail your tales from the world of just doing it
yourself (why you did it/do it, what you get out of the
whole endeavour) to:



call in during the show and talk to mark frauenfelder and
carla sinclair.

43 things to do besides go to bars...

this title was spied in of one of those adult
education/night school course catalogues and not only did we
find it intriguingly irresistible, we also figured that both
the crew and listeners of realtime should be able to at
least come up with a list of 43 of our own.  so guess what
your job is this week?  you got it: to come up with anywhere
between 1 and 43 things to do with your time that don't have
anything to do with inhaling several packs worth of
secondhand smoke while balancing an overpriced drink in your
strong hand..

e-mail those suggestions to:  realtime\!/cbcstereo.com with
"43 things to do besides go to bars" in the subject field,
or call 1-800-563-2328 with them day of show.

the beer people:  they came, they drank, and uhhh...

who could forget what transpired in the arctic hamlet of
tuktoyaktuk (pop. 950) on labour day weekend 1995? if your
memory needs jogging, does the phrase "polar beach party"
help at all?  yup...a certain beer company decided to do a
huge promotion that brought metallica, hole, moist, and
veruca salt together in a tent in the middle of town, along
with 500 contest winners flown in from all over north
america.  oh and the locals were invited too. montreal
filmmaker albert nerenberg knew a good thing when he saw it
and he & his crew made the labour day weekend trek to tuk to
document it all in a film called "invasion of the beer
people".  it airs on cbc newsworld this Sunday, january 15th
at 10 pm EST and albert descends on realtime this Saturday
january 13th just after 11 pm EST.

and musically...

new stuff from groovy religion, andy stochansky, fall down
go boom, the coctails, frank black, and in the realtime
listening booth...an advance listen to the forthcoming album
from montreal's tinker.

Buffalo Tom, recorded live at the Commodore Ballroom in
on October 15th , 1995

the set list includes:
Velvet Roof, Clobbered, Kitchen Door, Sparklers, Summer,
Tangerine, When You Discover, Late At Night, Your Stripes,
Latest Monkey, Mineral, TreeHouse, I'm Allowed, Impossible,
Crutch, Silence.

realtime.  sat night. 7 - midnight...8 - 1 am
atlantic...8:30 - 1:30 nfld...7 pm - 2 am london/kingston

(the 44th thing to do besides go to a bar)

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