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really boring and not to mention self serving

for everyone on this list who isn't illiterate, i thought i'd tell you 
that VOX magazine is now somewhat online and you can read all the boring 
crap you want for FREE even if you live outside of calgary and i don't 
personally mail you copies!! wow!

this is sloannet, a discussion group of the east coast scene, and lordy 
lordy there's enough east coast crap in the magazine to last a lifetime. 
as far as i can tell, the issues currently online have stories on al tuck 
(it's boring, though) and the fire engine red/halifax pop explosion story 
(part I - it's boring, too!).

http://www.ucalgary.ca/~cjswfm    is our URL so do whatever you must do 
                                   and read our magazine. charts, 
				 top tens, interviews, etc. yay!

*clap clap clap clap*  - that's for jim. :)

tara lee of calgary