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Re: Sloan information (fwd)

Hi kids,
	I just found this on alt.music.canada....thought I'd post it to 
the list....hmmm...what to make of all this gossip?  It's enough to drive 
a girl mad! :)  
NiNa :)

Newsgroups: alt.music.canada
Subject: Re: Sloan information
From: mikem\!/is.dal.ca (Michael James Mcgillivray)
Date: 8 Jan 96 16:33:00 -0400

TD Clahane (clahane\!/fox.nstn.ca) wrote:
: mroher\!/gryn.org (Matt Roher) wrote:
: > > I'm looking for information on the late great Halafax band Sloan, 
: > > specifically I'm looking for web sites, mailing lists, lyric archives, 
: > > etc. Any information would be appreciated. Also any general information 
: > > on the Halafax music scene. Thanks in advance!
: >

Actually they may not be 'late' anymore. The Halifax Mail Star reports 
that Sloan is in the studio recording for their next album.