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> >and kimmy deal -was- in the pixies.  pedigree does not dictate quality.  
> >the breeders suck and the amps hum, the pixies, OTOH, were amazing.  
> man, you are misled. Black Francis ruled the Pixies. The Miss Deal's
> creative juices were smothered in Mr. Black's ego.

Black Francis ruled the pixies because he WAS the pixies. He wrote
every single song (except for about 20% of Gigantic and 100% of Silver
which is probably their worst song....)

Did anyone ever see Tag (pre-jale) when they covered "Here Comes Your Man"

I wasa reading some old reviews about No Damn Fears which refered to 
Jennifer Pierce as " Dalhousie's math wizard" and having "a cup of whisky
in one hand and a cigarette in the other"  :)

I think that was from 1990.