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Re: kim and the amps/ The Turn-around for Jale..

> Well I, like Shant, didn't find Tag too much to my liking (at first) then 
> there was this show at the McInnis Room at Dalhousie.. that was the first 
> time I was like wow, they can play.. they _can_ play. Another thing about 
> that night that stands out in my (stupid) head, is this shiny brand-new 
> red Telecaster that one of them were playing.. I am a freak, I know.. but 
> these things just get stuck in my mind. But yeah, since that night I can 
> honestly say that they know how thier instruments work..
> Sucky-Ass Brendan. 

ahhh...what a night that was - Oct 3, 1993

Hardship Post (when they ROCKED hard)
JALE - always been a lukewarm fan - that night was their biggest
          at the time (800? people)
Sloan - remember the lip synch to Duran Duran's Planet Earth?

What a wicked concert. That was the one where HP played the first 2 chords
to 500 Up about 500 times to start their set  :)

I reviewed the concert for the Dal Gazette, but i can't find it...argh!
I do remember specifically mentionaing Eve's red telecaster though!  :)

That was the night that Jennifer stage dove after dueting on a couple 
Sloan songs  :)

the good ole' days....

pushin' 80,