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Re: kim and the amps/ The Turn-around for Jale..

> Mike Graham sez:
> That was the night that Jennifer stage dove after dueting on a couple
> Sloan songs  :)
> the good ole' days....

i also seem to remember a girl stage diving unwillingly. she'd been 
pulled out of a pit where there was barely room to breathe by security, 
and while wandering at the front of the stage, not knowing what to do, 
one person on the security crew came and shoved....not pushed, but 
*shoved* her down, thus making the crowd go a little crazier, security 
having their hands full, sloan to screw up "raspberry" barely to the 
point they could save it, and andrew to make comments about how "if 
anyone else is thrown around by security, *i'm* going home.....and we can 
all get leather jackets and dress like the fonz!"

yup....the good ole' days. i remember this being the jale gig before the 
turnaround for me....i *did* however like them doing "lung", regardless!