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new local rabbits

i don't think i've mentioned this yet since i got back from toronto
but i paid a visit to thom goodwin when i was up there and he
"previewed" some of the new rabbits lp for me.  it was oh so cool.
they do a bunch of covers on it, including some john lee hooker.  and
they redo "you're such a stupid idiot".  as expected, the album is
very diverse, going in many directions.  rock, blues, and cheese are
all in the forefront.  anyway, i can't really give an in-depth review
of it because i only really heard the first side of it, and it's hard
to judge on first listen.  all i can really guarantee is that it's
nice and solid sounding and definitely a bit more mature than the past
two releases that i've heard (like that totally over-produced cd e.p.
from a few years back......yuck!).  look out for it in march kids.