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ET on the airwaves

Hey!  Did anyone happen to tune into Realtime on CBC last Saturday?  They
played five or six songs from Purple Blue.  What they played was kind of one
sided, four out of the six songs were Chris', not that there's anything
wrong with that at all, I just wanted to hear some of Rick's and Julie's
stuff too.  Does anyone know if Mark does a cut on the album like he did on
forever again?
Also (stupid Question) does anyone know if what they played was the order it
appears on the album or random?  They played Sun Coming Up, Introduction
Songs 1and 2, Now a Friend, Alone and Annoyed, and Universal Dawn.
What did everyone that heard it think of the cuts they played?  

I like the new Now a Friend version, and it would great if they redid
"somebody else's love" on the Moonsocket 7inch.  

Also, I've heard rumours of a Broken girl full length release sometime soon?
Does anyone know anything about this?  On Realtime they mentioned that
Broken Girl and Plumtree were touring sometime soon (I thought they said in
April?).  Hope they come to London, Ont.!