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Re: ET on the airwaves

Hank Bos writes:

> Hey!  Did anyone happen to tune into Realtime on CBC last Saturday?  They
> played five or six songs from Purple Blue.  What they played was kind of one
> sided, four out of the six songs were Chris', not that there's anything
> wrong with that at all, I just wanted to hear some of Rick's and Julie's
> stuff too.  Does anyone know if Mark does a cut on the album like he did on
> forever again?

this is probally going to sound really stupid but I can't tell who wrote 
teh songs most of the time not even on Julie songs since Rick has writen 
songs for julie :(  Could someone maybe give me a list o who wrote what 
songs on at least the more common stuff like the albums.

That aside of their solo releases I think Chris has shown the most 
improvement, the Accept Fear 7" is the best Moonsocket stuff I have heard 
yet.  The ETH LP was very hit-and-miss but it seems they are improving 
sincethe Forward to Snow 7" which was recorded latter sounds a lot 
better, maybe that is because Rick is trying to be a one man band 
anymore.  The Nora 7" was probally the biggest dissapointment of 95 maybe 
it was just the expection that Dog Love set but ...

> I like the new Now a Friend version, and it would great if they redid
> "somebody else's love" on the Moonsocket 7inch.  

well when I heard it at first I thought it would make a great Eric's Trip 
song since so many Moonsocket songs are also Eric's Trip songs then I 
stop and thoguht that as it is SOmeboy Esle's Love is a really good song 
and that the overlap sound end already.  Sure it would be nice if the 
song was widely available I just hope it isn't widely available as an ET 

> Also, I've heard rumours of a Broken girl full length release sometime soon?
> Does anyone know anything about this?  On Realtime they mentioned that
> Broken Girl and Plumtree were touring sometime soon (I thought they said in
> April?).  Hope they come to London, Ont.!

the Broken Girl release is suppose to be early 96 (like any day now) from 
what I heard but I aslo heard it was going to be out last spring until 
Julie didn't like the recordings and decided to redo everything.  What I 
think would be realyl neat to see is Eric'sTrip and Orange Glass play all 
teh way accross canada, none of this lame into ontario and back to the 
east coast tours, and then come back the other way as Elevator to Hell, 
Moonsocket and Broken Girl.  Of course since this makes some logical 
sense and would mean tt I would get to see five really good bands in 
WInnipeg ina relatively short time and three of them having recorded 
stuff for sub pop well it just won't happen, espically since we are only 
allowed to have one sub pop ban play in winnipeg a year even if other 
(like Chixdiggit) happen to make a "tour stop" here and not play.  Can 

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