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>         So turn it off, until it gets better...or accept it for what it is.
>         And Quit talking about it.

on the contrary, i think videos are quite interesting indeed.
not to say that the usual crap seen on cable is better then
what is heard on the air though. 
yes indeed, but this is what you get when you mix art and 
entertainement. And where can we draw the line that seperate
bloody entertainement or bloody art? hasn't art always been
mixed with some sort of entertainment though? If rock 'n' roll is
a form of art well, it sure it is one that always has been mixed up.
some says videos are only commercials. Well, let me
tell you that some commercials are bloody fine piece of
This whole thing about dissin videos is a bit too high nosin chin
lifting for me. sure when it started (and we are still in the early 
ages) it was quite a bit trying and trippin and tryin again, but some 
really cool stuff came out of it. actually, i'm sure one day we'll
see a lot of "artist" writting the screenplay of the video as
the write their song. 
just like comix were quite shitty in the good ol days, the video
were plain low masses entertainement too. but it has reaches
a point where some are extraordinary tour de force of beautifulness.
I gotta admit though, that if you are hungry for art quality you'll 
more easely find it in a book store than on bloody t.v..but doesn't 
everybody already knows that?