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Summersault in Western Australia


Here I am, eternal lurker, coming from the depths to post a review of a
festival I saw on the weeked.

First of all, the bill:

Beastie Boys
Sonic Youth
Foo Fighters
Bikini Kill
The Amps
and various local bands (that's Perth, Western Australia, folks)

Called "Summersault", it's a touring festival, much like Lollapolooza - out
door, short sets, warm beer, market stalls, skate ramps etc.etc.etc. 

Anyway, most of the music was excellent, even for the normally low standards
of festivals - the PA actually worked!!  But the staging sucked... Beck, 2nd
headliner played on the 2nd stage... the size of a small dancefloor and was
visably pissed off about it.  

The Amps were crap - just like their album is rumoured to be.  They were
rude enough to actually play *over* one of the local bands still finishing
up on the second stage... Bad move Kim Deal!  No respect at all.  

Pavement were.... *smile* PAVEMENT!  They're great!  They played as varied a
set as 40 minutes would allow...I'm not the biggest Pavement expert, so I
won't drop names and titles, but they sounded good and pulled a pretty big

Bikini Kill - stuck on the little stage aswell...grrrrr!  Girls!  I didn't
get to physically watch them (sun was too hot!).  But there was an amusing
backstage incident.  One lowly security man was trying to rid the stage
steps of unauthorised backstagers during Rancid's set.  Three of Bikini Kill
were watching, the singer was dancing.  The security guard checks their
backstage stickers, but Kathleen Hanna (?? She's the one Courtney hit,
right?)  wasn't wearing hers. So the security guard starts to get physical,
pulling her off the steps and she's screaming and swearing at him.
Meanwhile, onlookers are laughing with embarassment for the security guy.
After giving him the finger one last time, she lifts her shirt - and stuck
to her stomach is her backstage pass.  The security guy gets *really*
embarrased and leaves, tail between legs.  Much laughter - sweet revenge,
wouldn't you say?

Foo Fighters - It seems there are two things local teenagers are interested
in:  Green Day and Dave Grohl.  Because Green Day are so rudely ignoring our
city during their Australian tour, the mosh pit was simply disgusting.  I
was still getting pushed around a fair 30 meters from the stage.  But
needless to say, the Foos were great!  Dave Grohl managed to pogo for almost
the entire set and made a community service announcement regarding sunscreen
(it was a 40 degree C day).  As far as I can tell, they played most of their
album judging from the girlie screams at the beginning of each song.  

Rancid - aaaaah... don't like the whole ska approach.  But they were
alright, considering...

Sonic Youth - and I don't like the feedback thing either.  Me no fan.  They
were loud and formulaic.  I took the opportunity to go and eat something and
watch the skaters.

Beck - came onstage whilst waiting for SY to finish The Diamond Sea.  It
turned out that the wait was longer than he could bear, so he joined right
in with his accoustic guitar and harmonica.  Very nice, thankyou Beck! He
played solo and accoustic. His set was clear and uncluttered, playing a few
familiar songs, a few new ones - all of them good.  IMHO he completely stole
the show - which was pretty smooth, becasue he was on the small stage, with
a depleted crowd and only 30 minutes to play.  At the end of his set he was
joined onstage by the Beastie Boys for a rap fiesta - Beck on beatbox -
'twas altogether hilarious.  

Beastie Boys - and lets face it, almost the *entire* crowd were there for
the Beasties.  Indeed, they did not disappoint, bouncing all over the stage
and screaming as they do.  I loved them!  I always do!!!  They played mostly
stuff of Ill Communication, Check Your Head and Pauls Boutique.  Absolutely
no hint of "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" nor any of their brand new stuff.
Commendations to their gang of musicians, especially Money Mark on keyboards
(who played an excellent solo gig the night before the festival).  

Altogether, a HUGE day.    

Oh yeah... I thought I'd bring one of the local bands to your attention,
Blue Tile Lounge.  If any of you like Seam or Red House Painters, have a
listen to them... They've released an ep called 'lowercase' through
Summershine which is apparently selling well in the States.  It's slow and
atmospheric and completely great.

Thats it!


PS  Am I the only Australian on the list?