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Juliana Hatfield.. I can't resist, sorry.

Natalie Foong & Andrew Rodenhiser wrote:

AR: PS there's this wierd little "spin the bottle" vid I saw once which 
    was kinda cool too, anybody remember who did that?
NF: spin the bottle? where it seems really red <red background and stuff 
    like that?> and there's people at a party playing 'spin the bottle'? 
    <kinda like in that underwhelmed video!!>. i think that's juliana 
    hatfield .. from the reality bites soundtrack .. that would explain the 
    Ethan Hawke factor.
 unless there's another 'spin the bottle'..,
*Brendan*:Ok, I have been keeping this little tidbit on the back burner 
for faaar too long.. has anyone on Sloan net heard the newest Juliana 
Hatfield Release?.. I haven't listened to it _but_ I heard that on one of 
the songs she says something about "Murder Guitars" and "Twice Removed".. 
AND she made that Bottle Spinning song/video AND she paid them a very 
large undisclosed amount of money to come out of hiding and play a show 
with her.. hmm, does this sound interesting to anybody?.. I'm sorry I 
couldn't keep this to myself, I had to say it, it was killing me.. AAAHHH!
I could be reading way to far into this, but.. I thought some of you 
might wanna know.. oh that and Sloan are playing in my back yard _right 
now_ as we speak.. haha! I'm going there right now, and none of you are 
invited!! Buahaha!!!

Harnesed in slums,