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Much Much More

jrocchi\!/julian.uwo.ca (James Rocchi) said

}I haven't had a coaxial terminal or tv anywhere I've lived for the 
}past three years...

And am therefore perfectly qualified to comment on Much Music's 
programming... ;)

}        And as for Much, they have to be all things to all people, which
}means that they will, somewhat,  suck (and not by choice).

Can't please all of the people all of the time?

}all programming as efficiently as possible, and , to be blunt, Vox Populi
}Vox Dei is a hideous programming philosophy.

I'm sure they'd love to give the people what they want, but they 
have to sell commercial space too.

}if you think that MM's staff are happy about the stuff they play, I 
}would advise you to think again. 

Yeah, read their stated musical tastes in their bios on the web page 
(www.citytv.com) and compare that to their playlists.  This is not 
CKDU, my friends!

}However, people who should be leading (Donlon, Evans, White etc....)
}public opinion and tastes in terms of programming are FOLLOWING it

Yeah, Denise Donlon seems to be a very progressive type, you'd think 
she'd be able to turn the feel away from the corporate toward the 

}        So turn it off, until it gets better...or accept it for what it is.
}        And Quit talking about it.

Hey, isn't bitching about things you can't fix a guarantee of the 
Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

who rarely watches Much but loves to stimulate chatter.