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        Look, talking about Video on a mailing list devoted to music is
symptomatic of how pervasively useless TV and Videos are, and how bloody
extraneous. I haven't had a coaxial terminal or tv anywhere I've lived for
the past three years.........But my albums still sound pretty damn good.

        And as for Much, they have to be all things to all people, which
means that they will, somewhat,  suck (and not by choice). Since the fact
they didn't get  a specialty app for MMM or MC means they have to Ghettoize
all programming as efficiently as possible, and , to be blunt, Vox Populi
Vox Dei is a hideous programming philosophy. I think MM does a much better
job than MTV, but that says little...and besides, if you think that MM's
staff are happy about the stuff they play, I would advise you to think
again. However, people who should be leading (Donlon, Evans, White etc....)
public opinion and tastes in terms of programming are FOLLOWING  it (and
giving it to us in the person of Sook-Yin, Steve Anthony,T etc...) which
makes for bad, bad, bad TV

        So turn it off, until it gets better...or accept it for what it is.

        And Quit talking about it.


        "Against the Grain",

        James Rocchi