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Re: sloan video

Natalie Foong <siryn\!/gate.maloca.com> postulated
}i've come up with another 'theory' :). most of the stuff that made it for 
}the fave videos of all time..i think were voted on because of the song, 
}more than the video. most of those videos were songs that made it big on 
}the radio <college radio don't count! :)>.  i mean, the songs are part of 

Yeah, this goes along with my point that videos aren't generally 
good enough to leave a lasting impression.  Thus the teenyboppers 
vote for the songs they like to hear, rather than the vids they like 
to see.  Apart from Primus, who have written a dozen better songs 
than "Wynonna" but just because they dressed up in Energizer toy 
suits the vid made the single sell.  Creative maybe but obviously a 
marketing tool for a perhaps weaker album musically. (c) 1996 Ron 
Foley MacDonald, a superior bassist. <wit>

Any ideas why people who make good musical art can't also make good 
visual art?

Or is it just because pop musicians don't make good musical art 
either? <sarcasm>


P.S. no, the spin the bottle vid I was referring to was the Sloan 
one. <smile>