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Re: on the topic of videos

On Mon, 8 Jan 1996, Brendan Ryan wrote:

> I don't know what kind or responce I will get to this, but I really 
> didn't like that video.. na na na na na naa.. c'mon write a real song.. 
> Oops! I shouldn't be so harsh, beacuse taste _is_ subjective and all, the 
> video also reminded me of one by Cub.. that superhero one.. all in all I 
> _like_ Jale but that one left me with a sour taste in my mouth.. kinda 
> like salty lemons, you know?.. hmm.. (discuss ;) heh heh heh)

i don't think i've seen an east coast video that i've liked except for 
the al tuck video for "buddha." that rocks, interesting visuals, good 
concept, all the right moves.

"people of the sky" was ok.

that essen video kicks mega ass!! ;)

i think just about everything else in terms of east coast videos pretty 
much hum.  but i'm hard to please.  anyone else?

> Asshole to the Extreme, 
i rock the mic like a vandal

> Brendan.

ps - anyone seen the video for "breeze?"  Mark?  I hear its good...