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Re: on the topic of videos

> I like the Jale video for `Double-Edge' alot from what I remember of it 
> the ONE time I saw it (c'mon Muchmusic). It's very shadowy - yeah for 
> black and white film!
> Mike 

is Eve's video for Jesus Loves Me any good? All I ever see is 
jennifer's (hideous) video for ....i forget what the song's called.

Is it supposed to evoke feelings of missed family or something? Who
are those people? blaah. Good song though - she's got the best voice
of the four - or now I guess it's three.

can someone describe Eve's video? I really liked Nebulous.

Double-edge was pretty cheesy (in a bad way)

Also - who's going to leak the new sloan recordings....can't someone
schmooze Chris & Co. into giving them a listen to the new stuff and
then give a full review here?

mike g