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Re: sloan video

Me brother Adam S Rodenhiser <ac768\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca> said

}Shant Wrote...
}> i always liked the video for "out of touch" by hall and oates:)
}> don't forget gowan's classic "a criminal mind", and the ever popular 
}> "sledgehammer" by peter gabriel!

Yeah, I thought of Gabriel but neglected to type as fast as my 

}My fav is KISS' I Love It Loud , you know the one where the youth of 
}America are brain washed into following the Kids(or Knights) In Satan's 
}Sanctum.  The phone melts and the coffee cup explodes. Then when you 
}think its all over it comes back again.

How could I have forgotten Kiss!  As long as Vinnie's not there :P

}I rocked over italy
}I rocked over spain....

I doubt there's a Ubangi Stomp video, though the Monster Dog vid
would be awesome

Sometimes I feel like James Bond,
Sometimes I feel like Jack the Ripper,


PS there's this wierd little "spin the bottle" vid I saw once which 
was kinda cool too, anybody remember who did that?