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Re: sloan video

On Sat, 6 Jan 1996, Matt Hennessey wrote:

>         I have a feeling that nobody will really care for this post 
> but I have to comment on this topic to somebody who at least may know 
> what I am talking about.
>         I was watching muchmusic for some reason and was lucky to see 
> Coax Me...as I was gazing at Jay's little rock'n'roll struts I 
> suddenly realized that this was but the third time I have seen this 
> video and the other two were on Mucheast.  I know I am not an avid 
> watcher of the daily muchmusic thing but I have rarely caught a 
> Sloan or Jale video...and I have only seen Eric's Trip and Thrush 
> Hermit and the other East coasters on mucheast.

Muchmusic may have have given east-coasters Mucheast just to please 
east-coast music appetites. However I have seen east-coast bands' videos 
like Jale, Sloan, Eric's Trip, and Thrush hermit on the program the 
Wedge(which is based in T.O headquarters) several times. The Wedge will 
usually at least play an east-coast band's video several times if it's a 
recent video. And also when an east-coast band pops into Toronto for a 
concert or promotion they usually make it a point to pop into the Wedge 
for an interview or performance(I'm aware that Jale and The Super Friendz 
made an appearance on two separate occasions).