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rightwide 7" / erics trip

>I just heard about this split 7" put out on rightwide records with treble
>charger and punchbuggy.  Does anybody have it?  Is it any good?  How long 
has itbeen out for?  How much does it cost?  I have the address for

well, you basically know all about it.... its trbele charger...
punchbuggy.. soupy sales... slight... thats that... it is good. the
punchbuggy song is one of their better ones. it has been out since the
summer... i got it at a show in... august i think... adam from punchy b
said they were brand new so i guess in august-ish... you will have to
eventually mail rightwide.... im sure its 4 or 5 bucks or something... it
is good... i ramble sorry. :)

on a very unrelated note... when Exactly does the the new erics trip album
come out... im doing some money management... well change almost management
and if i screw up and miss the album.... i guess someone will have to
die... ;)


guess what!! alanis is actually going to play in OTTAWA.. her HOMETOWN..
what a fuckin concept... i hope shes so used to the friggin hot beach L.A.
weather that she freezes or slips on the ice or something... :)

signature files suck.......
la la la la la la   "..detroit has a skyline tooooo..." :)