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Re: sloan video

Natalie Foong <siryn\!/gate.maloca.com> noted:

}and isn't it interesting that more than HALF of these so-called fave 
}videos of ALL TIME <?!?!?!> were made in the past 2 years?!?

Yeah, which is due to several things:

- Much is watched (or at least phoned/faxed/emailed/written to) by 
thousands of teenyboppers who don't listen to anything more than 2 
years old.

- Few videos are good enough to leave a lasting impression on people.

- There are so many older vids that votes for older vids get spread 
out and don't sum up enough on a particular vid to make the list.

Continue to discuss...

(Ain't this fun?)


Who thinks lots of older vids should have been there, like Ace Of 
Spades, Jailbreak, Fight for your Right to Party, what about 
Wierd Al Yankovic?  They Might Be Giants?  Les Porte-Mentaux?  "The 
Party Starts Now" by Manitoba's Wild Kingdom?  "Take on Me" by A-Ha?  
"Rock-It" by Herbie Hancock?  Talking Heads?  B-52's?  SMOASP?  
Sarah McLachlan?  Duran Duran? "Maneater" by Hall & Oates?...