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sloan video

        I have a feeling that nobody will really care for this post 
but I have to comment on this topic to somebody who at least may know 
what I am talking about.
        I was watching muchmusic for some reason and was lucky to see 
Coax Me...as I was gazing at Jay's little rock'n'roll struts I 
suddenly realized that this was but the third time I have seen this 
video and the other two were on Mucheast.  I know I am not an avid 
watcher of the daily muchmusic thing but I have rarely caught a 
Sloan or Jale video...and I have only seen Eric's Trip and Thrush 
Hermit and the other East coasters on mucheast.
        I guess what I'm trying to say is that muchmusic doesn't 
really care about playing east coast vids...and I have a feeling that 
Moses feels that by giving us Much east he has made every east coast 
music lover happy.  I like mucheast, Mike's pretty cool, but I just 
think that the station coming from TORONTO doesn't really care for 
eastcoast music and indie music in general.
        Just a thought.