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Re: Eric's trip

On Sun, 7 Jan 1996, Ian MacEachern wrote:

> Does anyone know how to get in touch with Eric's trip directly, through
> email? (ie. Not through sub pop)
> If you do could you email me personally, 
> thanks alot
> Heather
> brendam\!/julian.uwo.ca

Sorry, Rick unplugged the computer, and gave it to Julie, and we haven't 
quite gotten her on line yet.

Incidentally, for all of the bands who actually have computers and 
on-line accounts, the mail addressed to bandname\!/subpop.com actually goes 
into their personal accounts.  In other words, for as long as Rick had 
the computer and the compuserve account, all mail addressed to 
etrip\!/subpop.com went to him.  Whether he answered them or not is another 
question entirely.  You can give a band an email account, but you can't 
make them answer.  As soon as Julie gets set up, she'll be getting the 
etrip\!/subpop.com mail.

The bands who are actually on line as of now are Hardship Post, jale, 
Zumpano, Six Finger Satellite, Combustible Edison, Sebadoh, Earth, 
Thornetta Davis, Friends of Dean Martinez, Spinanes, Hazel, and probably 
a few I am forgetting.