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Rightwide Records 7"

I just heard about this split 7" put out on rightwide records with treble
charger and punchbuggy.  Does anybody have it?  Is it any good?  How long has itbeen out for?  How much does it cost?  I have the address for rightwide records,but if anyone here knows the answers to any of my questions, could you please 
e-mail me?  Cuz it's a lot quicker than having to write to rightwide (which is 
in Quebec) and waiting for them to reply then sending an order then waiting for
it to come... The 7"s order number thingy is RWR 004 and the two songs are 
Punchbuggy: "Soupy sales lost the big one" (?) and treble charger: "Slight"
So if anyone knows anything about this 7", please let me know.