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Re: The real deal on "Shaken By The Speed"

At 05:49 PM 05/01/96 GMT, Alex Bozikovic wrote:
>>Help!  Maybe I'm reading this all wrong, but does Sloan have a new album out
>>called  "SHAKEN BY THE SPEED?"  If so, please give me more info.  Also, if
>>you care to read on, I've yet to see a sloan discography, so could anyone
>>fill me in on anything I don't have?
>I'm really getting sick of reading posts like this from those unfortunately
>*uncool* enough not to be in on the joke. It was funny at first - really
>funny - but now it's just getting really tired, and it's starting to annoy me
>- and I'm sure lots of other people.
Ouch!!!  Sorry about that!!!  I do suffer from a bad case of *uncoolness*!!!
Thanks for being blunt about my harmful missunderstanding.  I am kind of new
here though, take it easy on me.

I just want to paraphrase some info from the Stink magazine (the sonic unyon
1.  According to the magazine (which is from late december) - Sloan is busy
recording - but (as the stink says) mum's the word!
2.  Appparently, Al Tuck and No Action are rumoured to be doin a live
recording soon.  Al Tuck kicks!!!

Could someone tell me if Airhoolie is as good as Brave Last Days?

One last question, could someone tell me what the song "my bed is red" is
about?  Bloody murder maybe?  Thanks,


*** It's not the band I hate, it's their fans - SLOAN ***