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Re: The real deal?

On Fri, 5 Jan 1996, Hank Bos wrote:
> I just want to paraphrase some info from the Stink magazine (the sonic unyon
> mag).  
> 1.  According to the magazine (which is from late december) - Sloan is busy
> recording - but (as the stink says) mum's the word!

to continue along this line, yesterday's (01.04.96.) Mail Star (Halifax 
newspaper) reported in their entertainment gossip column:
Sloan Recording Again

Halifax rockers Sloan are back in the studio.

The Tattler has heard that the band has been
recording at Lawrence Currie's Idea of the East
Recording in Halifax.

It is expected that the album will be released 
under the murderecords label, possibly to be 
picked up by Geffen.

black and white and read all over...

mike n.